Improves water efficiency, reduces consumption and improves plantation yield


It allows the seeds to germinatefaster and offer resistance to possible diseases


Mixing it with the plant substrate saves water, work and time


In soccer, golf and polo fields, save 50-70% of water and 30% to 50% in fertilizer

What is Riegogel?

Riegogel are functional polymers of the family of hydrogels.

In the presence of aqueous solutions they form hydrogen bonds with the water molecules and transform in a few seconds into a gel with a high capacity for water absorption and retention.

These exceptional characteristics mean that it can be used to absorb, retain or block liquids.

Depending on the quality and nature of the water used, it can absorb until 300 times its weight.

The size or cross-linking of Riegogel is what determines its application.

The low density ones have a greater absorption capacity and swell to a greater extent, forming a softer and stickier gel. The high density ones exhibit a lower absorbent capacity but the gel strength is firmer and can maintain the shape of the particles even under moderate pressure.

These super absorbent polymers are ecological and biodegradable materials. Exempt from any toxicity and contamination.

How does it work?

Riegogel is composed of long chains of polymers parallel to each other that join together forming a network.

When water comes into contact with one of these chains, it is absorbed by osmosis. Water quickly migrates into the polymer network where it is stored.

This is how Riegogel solid and granulated form to become a water gel. The absorption capacity of the polymers is greater than that of the soil, but less than the roots of the plants, so the water will be released gradually when they need it.


Improve water efficiency


Seed coating


Avoid drought and risk of wilting


Water performance and efficiency improvement

Sports fields

Soccer, golf and polo fields


Double the survival percentage

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