The objective of this test is to know the behavior of the three Riegogel products in terms of water retention capacity (not distilled) over different periods of time.


Previous data

The approach of this essay is based on the interest in increasing knowledge of the properties of our product. We establish the following starting conditions: we weigh 2 grams of Riegogel of each of the grain sizes that we sell and 300 milliliters of non-distilled water for each test. Measurements of the amount of water not retained will be made at 20, 30, 60, 120, 150 minutes and 24 hours.



In a controlled laboratory environment, we pour water over six samples of Riegogel contained in their respective flasks. At the end of each period of time, the amount of remaining water, not retained by Riegogel, is measured. Each test is repeated three times to find a mean that is sufficiently representative of the results.



Behavior: Riegogel 0518 acquires maximum water retention 24 hours after it comes into contact with water, while its accumulation is very gradual and slows down between 120 and 150 minute.


    riegogel water retention test

    RIEGOGEL 1018

    Behavior: Riegogel 1018 reaches almost all of its capacity in just 120 minutes. Subsequently, there is hardly any gain, although its progression is very fast from the very contact with the water.

    riegogel 1018 water retention test
    riegogel 1018 water retention test

     RIEGOGEL 2018

    Behavior: In just 20 minutes Riegogel 2018 has almost all the storage reached, not changing significantly after two hours.

    riegogel water retention test
    riegogel 2018 water retention test


    • The grain size of Riegogel means that the larger the grain diameter, the longer it takes to reach the maximum storage capacity, even if it is greater.
      The greater the plant’s need for water, the greater the size of Riegogel should be.
    • Riegogel 0518 can continue to accumulate water beyond the maximum period we have measured (24 hours), while at the other extreme Riegogel 2018 practically reaches 100% in two hours.
    • This test shows that the choice of the type of Riegogel 0518, 1018 or 2018 depending on the plant species is essential: since Riegogel 0518 is the one with the largest grains, it will have a greater storage capacity and a greater capacity to supply water and food to plant species. greater size and needs such as trees.
    • Due to its size, Riegogel 1018 is indicated for horticultural species and herbaceous crops and Riegogel 2018 for vegetables such as grass and the like.

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