Riegogel 1018

Riegogel 1018 is specially formulated for use in all types of arable crops and horticulture.

Technical characteristics

Format: White granulate
Mesh: 20-80
Use or application: Herbaceous crops and horticulture
Presentation or container: 20kg


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How does it work?

Riegogel is composed of long chains of polymers parallel to each other that join together forming a network. Water quickly migrates into the polymer network where it is stored.

This is how Riegogel stops solid and granulated to become a water gel. The absorption capacity of the polymers is greater than that of the soil, but less than the roots of the plants, so the water will be released gradually when they need it.


Ecological Chemistry Applied
Riegogel is a product of Comerquim S.L.


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