At the end of 2019, Comerquim, the manufacturer of Riegogel, launched the project to create an experimental and trial plot to learn more about the performance of Riegogel and that it would also serve so that agricultural professionals could learn “in situ ” the product. It is located in the Sevillian town of Paradas with easy access from the A-92 motorway.


Advised by the prestigious research and development company Agriculture and Trial, in January 2020, the 9 hectares available were planted with intensive olive tree seedlings of the Gordal variety and almond trees of the Guara variety. This last plant species is currently in full development and expansion as an alternative form of cultivation compared to the traditional ones.


Distributions of olive and almond crop lines


The farm was divided into two main areas for each of the selected species and within these the crop lines were distributed in order to assign each of them a specific dose and also a different form of application, leaving control lines where They do not have incorporated Riegogel.


The distribution of Riegogel 0518 in the crop lines is as follows:

Dosage according to almond tree lines: without Riegogel (control), 80 gr per dry foot, 60 gr per dry foot, 30 gr per dry foot, 20 gr per dry foot, 30 gr per hydrated foot.

Dosage according to olive lines: without Riegogel (control), 60 gr per foot dry, 30 gr per foot dry, 30 gr per foot hydrated.



Alternation of doses of Riegogel with controls along the crop lines



Throughout the evolution of the crops, measurements of growth and production as well as the presence of moisture in the soil will be collected. All the results will be made public in our communication media, in addition to making the facilities available to clients and interested parties to serve as dissemination and support for future sales of our product.


almond seedlings


Manual burial of Riegogel


Riegogel 0518 in gel form in the root zone prior to burial


1000 liter tanks to apply Riegogel in a hydrated way











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