Our International Commercial Department presents:
Trial in Guatemala on the cultivation of tropical fruit Zapote, beginning in December 2021 and ending next year, within twelve months.

– The Sapote is a tropical fruit with a sweet flavor and is grown in tropical forests. humid and subhumid tropics.
– The altitude of 130 meters above sea level.
– Approximate annual rainfall of 2400 mm between the dates of April-October.
– Soil texture and consistency: Ixtan plastic clay series soil.
– Holdridge life zone, tropical moist forest (warm) bhT.
– Basal altitude floor.
– Soil origin: volcanic.
– Greater root concentration at 1 – 2 mt. of the stem
– Soil analysis with deficit in N and P; with excess magnesium
– Irrigation is 60 liters, three times a week
– Outdoor cultivation.

location map
Localización del ensayo

The sapote is a tropical fruit grown mainly in Central America.
Foto fruta zapote

-Manual incorporation of our dry and hydrated product
-Making a ditch about 2 mt. separation from the trunk and on each side of it with a depth of about 20 – 25 cm and with an approximate length of 5 – 6 mt. of length.

-Water retention with the different applied doses of the product.
-Yield on the crop.

Professional team of our Distributor in Guatemala incorporating Riegogel
Ingeniero agrónomos inspeccionando aplicación del producto en Guatemala

Thanks to our distributor in America and Central America, Mr. Edwin Sosa for being part of the Riegogel family.

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