Riegogel is composed of long chains of polymers parallel to each other that join together forming a network. Water quickly migrates into the polymer network where it is stored. This is how Riegogel goes solid and granulated to become a water gel. The absorption capacity of the polymers is greater than that of the soil, but less than the roots of the plants, so the water will be released gradually when they need it.


Riegogel becomes a gel by absorbing irrigation water and then releasing it little by little. This achieves a more efficient use of water, reduces its consumption and improves plant performance.

With traditional irrigation, water is lost by evaporation or by filtration through the soil. These filtrations carry with them the necessary nutrients for the correct development of the plants. Depending on the nature of the land and the quantity and frequency of the water contributions, it can originate from a soil flooding to situations of water scarcity. All this causes great stress to the plants or “water stress” with the risk that they do not grow and do not produce properly.

With Riegogel water is retained in the soil, so it is not necessary to add an excess of it, to avoid its loss by evaporation or filtration, thus reducing its consumption. When the water is released gradually, the plants will always have the necessary amount of water, without excess or defect.

The Riegogel water absorption and release cycle for agricultural use can be repeated numerous times throughout its useful life, so it is not necessary to incorporate it into the soil each time it is irrigated or sown.

Silt Loam
Clay Loam

Benefits obtained

Saving water

Irrigation savings (30% -50%)


Performance increase

Increase in fruit production and crops of 10% -20%

Improves plant health

Improvement in seed germination by promoting an early and healthy birth of the plant

Soil activator

It works as a soil activator, prevents soil hardening and increases seed productivity

Contains potassium

It contains 18.3% potassium, which enriches the soil

Production increase

In California melon crops, production per hectare has increased 70%

Improve water retention

Improves water retention capacity in sandy soils by up to 85%

Granulometry and water retention test

Objective of the test:
Study of behavior in different types of soils

Samples of volumes used:
Water: 750 ml
Earth: 500 ml
Irrigation: 5 gr

Riegogel water retention capacity test according to time periods

Test objective:
Know the behavior of Riegogel in terms of water retention capacity (not distilled) in different periods of time.


Irrigation gel weight (gr): 2
Amount of water poured (ml): 300

Amount of water retained by Riegogel = Amount discharged – Amount not retained


Irrigation gel weight (gr): 2
Amount of water poured (ml): 300

Amount of water retained by Riegogel = Amount discharged – Amount not retained


Irrigation gel weight (gr): 2
Amount of water poured (ml): 300

Amount of water retained by Riegogel = Amount discharged – Amount not retained


Riegogel is used as a seed coating so that they germinate more quickly and offer resistance to possible diseases.

For the coating of seeds Riegogel must have a particle size of 0.3 mm or less.

Gardening, horticulture and landscaping

When mixing Riegogel with the substrate of pots, planters, balconies, terraces, roofs, hanging, gardens, in the plantation of shrubs, flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc. you save water, work and time.

In addition, drought and the risk of wilting are avoided, since they do not water the plants so often, prolonging the green season and the flowering period.

Wilting chart

Meadows, golf courses and polo

The use of Riegogel in this type of plant extensions saves 50-70% of water consumption, reduces maintenance costs and saves 30% to 50% in the amount of fertilizer used.

The plant grows faster, healthier and the characteristic green color lasts longer.

Fruit growing and forestry

During the development of seedlings and fruits the continuous supply of water is crucial. With only 10-40 grams of Riegogel you can double the survival rate of seedlings with bare roots of fruit trees.

For adult deciduous fruit trees, Riegogel can be mixed with organic fertilizer and buried in a groove around the root. The amount of irrigation used will depend on factors such as soil and plant species.

Currently this system is being used in plantations of species as varied as apples, lychee, pineapple, bananas and peaches.

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